We’re Foodheads.

Specialists in curated food supply-chains that create raving-fan customers.

We procure the freshest food direct from the source.

We work with our partners to curate food solutions that arrive at the table super-fresh and ready to enjoy.

This creates memorable food experiences that turns diners into raving fans who come back again and again.

We use sustainable, ethical sourcing from trusted suppliers.

Our suppliers are all approved primary producers, manufacturers and distributors, each operating third-party certified HACCP (Codex Alimentarius) programs. They are routinely audited for compliance to Specification, Contract Terms, Quality, and fulfillment of our commitment to sustainability.

We close the gap between the origin of food and its consumption.

We have extensive logistics expertise in sourcing and transporting meat and seafood around the globe. We can supply in the quantities that you want and deliver it when and where you need it. And where necessary we negotiate all relevant customs permits.

We curate food solutions that fit your business, not ours.

We design food any way you want it in the packaging and quantities that maximise efficiencies in your kitchen and ensure freshness. And we have the capabilities to expand supply rapidly when you need it.

We typically work with

  • Hotel chains
  • Retail food shops
  • Cruise ships
  • Hospitality suppliers
  • Large event caterers
  • Food distributors
  • Supermarket chains

Foodheads is a specialist Australian distributor of meat, seafood, dairy and all foodstuffs.

We serve Australia and the world’s largest food businesses and strive to consistently provide value by offering our resources and expertise in our range of meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and all major foodstuffs. Using our long standing and proven products and logistics resources we simplify even the most complex menu and supply chain demands, giving you peace of mind.